After living in Florida for a year we saw a need in the golf course industry for a cost effective irrigation controller repair company and founded Absolute Control Irrigation, Inc. in 2000.


     The company was developed with a commitment to provide a multitude of services for the golf course superintendents and their commercial irrigation systems.  We provide an extremely reliable way to repair your original irrigation controller system, eliminating the need for extensive spending by purchasing new products. 

     We provide repairs on your original products to component level.  As always a quick turnaround on your repair is our promise.  We also HAVE AN EXCHANGE UNITS PROGRAM!!!


Fran and Jim Worcester launched Absolute Control Irrigation Specialists, Inc. in 2000

Learn more about them below.


Fran Worcester

President and CFO

Being in the Golf irrigation industry for approximately 38 years has become second nature to me.

I managed a golf course design company who designed, installed and repaired golf course systems on Long Island. This helped me to fully understand golf course superintendents and how to handle their needs.

I also managed the East Coast warehouse in Atlanta Georgia for Buckner Inc. a worldwide irrigation company.

Motivated and ambitious with years in the irrigation field I established Absolute Control Irrigation Specialists, Inc. with my business partner.  We have been in operation since 2000.

I absolutely enjoy working from “The Ground Down”.

By the way, I am an avid golfer as well – and I Love the “Greens”

Jim Worcester

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Jim "Gator" Worcester

Vice President and CTO

Graduating with a Bachelors degree I started working in management, sales, and service for different top distributors and manufactures in the irrigation industry.  


I eventually gained the position of Technical Service Manager at Buckner Inc. where I operated their repair department and traveled worldwide working on their golf control systems.  Additionally, I taught troubleshooting and repair classes.


I worked for many years for Rain Bird as a Senior Technical Service Advisor operating their “800” call in service center. I provided classroom training and worked in field service.   I also advised on product development.


Through my experiences I have gained an in-depth knowledge and expertise in the repair of irrigation control systems and field service problems.


This has brought me to being one of the owners of Absolute Control Irrigation Specialists Inc., where I provide my expertise on all levels of irrigation controller repairs and “digging in the dirt” field service. 


With over 50 years, I am very confident of the service and knowledge I can provide to my customers.   


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